Viewing the Peripheral Fundus

In this video module we look at how to examine the peripheral retina and what you might see when you do. This module contains a lecture on common peripheral retinal conditions, a demonstration of Volk lenses and Headset BIO and a peer discussion on examining the fundus. It will make you want to consign your direct ophthalmoscope to the bin for good!

This course is in 4 parts:

Part 1: Peter Charlesworth presents the lecture 'Viewing the Peripheral Fundus' (28 mins)

Part 2: Ash Choudhury demonstrates use of a Volk Lens and Slit-Lamp to view the fundus (6 mins)

Part 3: Peter Charlesworth demonstrates use of a Binocular Indirect Headset to view the peripheral fundus (6mins)

Part 4: Ash Choudhury and Peter Charlesworth discuss the different instruments and their use in practice (14 mins)

Once you have watched all 4 videos the 'take the test' button will appear. You must complete and pass the MCQ test to complete the course. Once complete, you can undertake an optional discussion to make this CET interactive.

CET Points: 1 credits: 1

Expiry Date: 31/12/2020

Interactive points available


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