TFOS DEWS II: Expert Insights for Adopting Best Practice in Dry Eye Disease. Definition and Classification Course 2

The DEWS II report, published in 2017, is the most comprehensive report covering the definition, diagnosis and management of dry eye disease (DED) to date. The report and its executive summary contain useful advice for clinicians on identifying, classifying and treating patients suffering from dry eye disease. In November 2017, five leading optometrists and ophthalmologists from the UK and Ireland met in Dublin for a roundtable event, hosted by Scope, to discuss the DEWS II report; its implications for the future of dry eye disease diagnosis and treatment; and strategies for greater awareness among optometrists, ophthalmologists, GPs, pharmacists, and the general public.

In this second of a series of four courses the panel discusses the definition and classification of DED from the DEWSII report and looks at the benefits of following the protocol to improve patient outcomes.

The video discussion refers to the classification diagram which can be found in Figure 3 of the DEWSII Definition and Classification Report, downloadable below.

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We recommend you download the ‘Handout’ below which includes competencies, learning objectives, and multiple choice questions for this course.

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