Precision for Astigmatism Recorded Webinar

This webinar focuses on the journey of a new astigmatic contact lens patient and the range of options available to correct their prescription, with a focus on soft toric contact lenses. 

It discusses the prevalence, cause and types of astigmatism. It also addresses the visual and functional impact of not correcting it from the patient's perspective. Furthermore, it includes advances in soft toric contact lens materials and designs and selecting the appropriate contact lens prescription, material, modality and design to meet patient needs. 

Presented by Serena Dunwoody and Rakhee Thakrar. Sponsored by Bausch + Lomb.

PRIVACY NOTICE: By completing this free CET course you agree that we will pass your name and email address to Bausch + Lomb who may send you further information on their products and services.

CET Points: 1 credits: Free

Expiry Date: 31/12/2021

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