Build your confidence with multifocal contact lenses

As a result of continuing advances in contact lens materials and optical design, multifocal prescribing has increased in recent years. In 2016, multifocal contact lenses accounted for 26% of all new soft lens fits, but that's still well below the opportunity presented by this large group of potential contact lens wearers. 

This course has 4 modules which will cover the following:

  • Fitting multifocal contact lenses
  • MFCL design
  • Key opinions & interviews with experienced practitioners
  • The importance of communication with multifocal contact lenses
  • Do's and don'ts of MFCLs
  • Interactive case studies

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CET Points: 1 credits: Free

Expiry Date: 31/12/2021

Interactive points available

Multifocal Contact Lenses
What Practitioners Say
Case Histories

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