An Introduction to Visual Impairment Recorded Webinar

An introduction to visual impairment discusses the principal causes of sight loss in children, adults and the elderly and the associated symptoms in the initial and advanced stages. It discusses the problems visually impaired people experience even when visiting eye care practitioners and considers what reasonable adjustments should be made to better serve such patients. A unique perspective is provided by the presenter who is registered blind.

The delivery of this lecture by a severely sight impaired trainer will give a unique and inspiring learning opportunity. The presentation includes 2 short videos including the Royal National Institute of Blind People "seeing it my way" that can be accessed on the RNIB website, and "a trip the eye clinic" made by Visualise Training.

This webinar was part of our Free Webinar Series 2020. Watching the recording and completing the test is worth 1 CET point.

CET Points: 1 credits: 1

Expiry Date: 31/12/2021

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