Integrating technology in AMD screening: Part 1

This lecture is the first in a two part series on how modern technology can be integrated into everyday practice. It will discuss how this technology can be used to detect those at risk of developing AMD (including MPOD measurements) and the management options and advice that ECPs can give to their patients (including the use of dietary supplements and lifestyle changes).

This lecture is in three sections:


The need for screening. Peter Ivins discusses the increasing prevalence of AMD in our aging population and highlights the role of the ECP in detecting this condition at an earlier stage.


Assessment of Macular Pigment Optical Density. Dr Frank Eperjesi describes the physiological processes involved in the development of AMD, the various methods of measuring MPOD and the significance of this measurement as a predictor for the development of this debilitating condition. He also discusses the management and advice we can give to our patients including recommendations on diet and the use of supplements based on the results from AREDS 2.


Peter Ivins, Dr Frank Eperjesi and Craig McArthur discuss how the development of modern technology can help in our detection of AMD and those who are at an increased risk of developing the condition. They also discuss the advice ECPs can give their patients.

CET Points: 1 credits: 1

Expiry Date: 31/12/2020


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